rdfds - RDF Datasource Library in JavaScript

'rdfds' is a library for easier access to RDF datasources and resources. It contains four objects, RDFDataSource, RDFNode, RDFLiteral. and RDFEnumerator.

An RDF DataSource is a graph of nodes and literals. The constructor for RDFDataSource takes one argument, a URI of an RDF file or URL to use. If the URI exists, the contents of the RDF file are loaded. If the URL argument is null, a blank datasource is created. Resources can be added to it, or parsed from a string of RDF.

This library is designed for convenience, not for efficiency.


var ds=new RDFDataSource("file:///main/mozilla/mimtest.rdf");
var node=ds.getNode("urn:xpimaker:packlist");
var child=ds.getNode("urn:xpimaker:packlist:appinfo");
child.addTarget("http://www.xulplanet.com/rdf/xpimaker#appname","Find Files");

More Examples: XUL XUL Source Script

The library has four objects:

The rdfds.js script.

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