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Describes the structure of a top-level window. It is the root node of a XUL document. It is by default a horizontally oriented box. As is it a box, all box attributes can be used. By default, the window will have a platform-specific frame around it.

For properties and methods, see the XUL Window object.


Attributes inherited from XUL Element


Set this property to use a specific height for the window. This property, along with the width property, would usually be persisted with the persist attribute so that the next time the user opens the window, the height and width of the window will be the same as last time.


The horizontal position that the window appears on the screen.


The vertical position that the window appears on the screen.


The state of the window. The following values may be used:


The text to appear on the title bar of the window.


Set this property to use a specific width for the window.


Set to a string which can be used to identify the type of window. This might be used, for example, to distingush between a browser window and an editor window.

Properties and Methods:

Properties and Methods inherited from XUL Element