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An element, much like a button, that is placed on a menu bar. When the user clicks the menu element, the child menupopup of the menu will be displayed.


Attributes inherited from XUL Element


This should be set to a letter that is used as a shortcut key. This letter should be one of the characters that appears in the label text for the menu. This letter will typically be drawn underlined, although this behavior will be platform and skin specific. When the user presses ALT (or a similar key that varies on each platform) and the access key, the menu will be activated from anywhere in the window.


If true, events are passed to children of the menu. Otherwise, events are passed to the menu only.


If the label of the menu is too small to fit in its given space, the text will be cropped on the side specified by the crop attribute. An ellipsis will be placed in place of the cropped text. If the box direction is right to left (rtl), the cropping is reversed.


If this attribute is set to true, the menu is disabled. This is usually drawn with the text in grey. If the menu is disabled, the function of the button cannot be performed. Leave the attribute out entirely for a regular enabled button.


The URL of the image to appear on the menu. If this is attribute is left out, no image appears. The position of the image is determined by the dir and orient attributes.


The label that will appear on the menu. If this is left out, no text appears.

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