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An element that displays an image, much like the HTML img element. The src attribute can be used to specify the URL of the image.


    <image src='my-face.png' width='60' height='80'/>


Attributes inherited from XUL Element

onerror    Moz0.9.6

This event is sent to an image element when an error occurs loading the image.

onload    Moz0.9.6

This event handler will be called on the image element when the image has finished loading. This applies whether the image is applied via the src attribute or the list-style-image style property. If you change the image, the event will fire again when the new image loads. This event will not bubble up the element tree.


The URL of the image to appear on the image. If this is attribute is left out, no image appears.

validate    Moz0.9.6

This attribute indicates whether to load the image from the cache or not. This would be useful if the images are stored remotely or you plan on swapping the image frequently. The following values are accepted:

Properties and Methods:

Properties and Methods inherited from XUL Element


Gets and sets the value of the src attribute.