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This element is used to create a block of text. The text can be set either with the value attribute or by placing text inside the open and close description tags. The value attribute is used to set text that appears in a single line. If text appears as a child of the description, it will wrap to multiple lines. If may contain arbitrary markup, which can be styled as needed.


Attributes inherited from XUL Element


If the label of the description is too small to fit in its given space, the text will be cropped on the side specified by the crop attribute. An ellipsis will be placed in place of the cropped text. If the box direction is right to left (rtl), the cropping is reversed.


If this attribute is set to true, the description is disabled. This is usually drawn with the text in grey. If the description is disabled, the function of the button cannot be performed. Leave the attribute out entirely for a regular enabled button.


The text to be used for the description. The text will appear on a single line and will not wrap.

Properties and Methods:

Properties and Methods inherited from XUL Element


Gets and sets the value of the crop attribute.


Gets and sets the value of the disabled attribute.


Gets and sets the value of the value attribute.