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This element should appear inside a conditions element. A rule's conditions should contain one and only one content element. The content element should also have a uri attribute. It is used to bind a variable to a content node during matching.

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This may be set to a tag name. If set, the conditions will only match if the template builder is parsing content for an element directly inside this tag. For example, by using a value of 'treechildren', the condition will only match when placing elements directly inside a treechildren tag. Thus, nested elements will not match because they are directly inside a treeitem. This attribute is useful to provide different rules for outer and inner elements.


Used to specify the variable name for the content. When a rule is evaluated, it scans through each resource in the RDF datasource looking for a match. Each resource is placed in the variable specified in the uri attribute in turn. Then, the other rules are evaluated for a match. This attribute should always be present.