Inherits From:nsISupports


readonly PRUint32 Argc

readonly JSValPtr* ArgvPtr

readonly nsISupports Callee

readonly nsIClassInfo CalleeClassInfo

readonly nsIInterfaceInfo CalleeInterface

readonly PRUint16 CalleeMethodIndex

readonly nsIXPConnectWrappedNative CalleeWrapper

PRBool ExceptionWasThrown

Set this if JS_SetPendingException has been called. Return NS_OK or else this will be ignored and the native method's nsresult will be converted into an exception and thrown into JS as is the normal case.

readonly JSContextPtr* JSContext

PRBool ReturnValueWasSet

Set this to indicate that the callee has directly set the return value (using RetValPtr and the JSAPI). If set then xpconnect will not attempt to overwrite it with the converted retval from the C++ callee.

readonly JSValPtr* RetValPtr

This may be NULL if the JS caller is ignoring the result of the call.


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