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Possible values of the status attribute. A pending call has a status of PENDING. A completed call has a status of SUCCEEDED or FAILED depending on the result of the call.
PRUint32 PENDING = 0
PRUint32 FAILED = 2
PRUint32 ABORTED = 3


readonly AString methodName

The name of the method that was invoked.

readonly nsIWSDLOperation operation

The WSDL operation that correpsonds to the method being invoked.

readonly nsIException pendingException

The exception generated by the call if the status is FAILURE. The exception object can be introspected for more information. The data member can be QIed to a nsISOAPFault instance for calls that use a SOAP binding.

readonly nsIWebServiceProxy proxy

The proxy object on which the call was made.

readonly PRUint32 status

The status of the call, whether pending, completed successfully or completed with a fault.


void abort ( nsIException error )

void abort ( nsIException error )

Called to abort a pending call. If the call is still pending, its callback instance's onError will be invoked, passing in the specified exception.

error: The exception passed to the callback instance's onError method.

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