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Version strings are dot-separated sequences of version-parts.

A version-part consists of up to four parts, all of which are optional:

A version-part may also consist of a single asterisk "*" which indicates "infinity".

Numbers are base-10, and are zero if left out. Strings are compared bytewise.

For additional backwards compatibility, if "string-b" is "+" then "number-a" is incremented by 1 and "string-b" becomes "pre".

1.0pre1 < 1.0pre2 < 1.0 == 1.0.0 == < 1.1pre == 1.1pre0 == 1.0+ < 1.1pre1a < 1.1pre1 < 1.1pre10a < 1.1pre10

Although not required by this interface, it is recommended that numbers remain within the limits of a signed char, i.e. -127 to 128.

This interface is implemented by the following components:


PRInt32 compare ( ACString A , ACString B )

PRInt32 compare ( ACString A , ACString B )

Compare two version strings

A: The first version
B: The second version

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