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void checkForUpdates ( ) void showUpdateAvailable ( nsIUpdate update ) void showUpdateDownloaded ( nsIUpdate update ) void showUpdateError ( nsIUpdate update ) void showUpdateHistory ( nsIDOMWindow parent ) void showUpdateInstalled ( nsIUpdate update )

void checkForUpdates ( )

Shows a user interface that checks for and then displays the available updates.

void showUpdateAvailable ( nsIUpdate update )

Show a message advising that an update is available for download and install.

update: The update to be downloaded and installed

void showUpdateDownloaded ( nsIUpdate update )

Show a message advising that an update has now been downloaded and that the user should restart their software should be restarted so that the update can be installed.

update: The update that was downloaded

void showUpdateError ( nsIUpdate update )

Shows an error message UI telling the user about some kind of update failure, e.g. failure to apply patch.

update: The nsIUpdate object which we could not install

void showUpdateHistory ( nsIDOMWindow parent )

Shows a list of all updates installed to date.

parent: A parent window to anchor this window to. Can be null.

void showUpdateInstalled ( nsIUpdate update )

Shows a message detailing the update which was installed.

update: The nsIUpdate object which was just installed

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