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An interface that describes an object representing a patch file that can be downloaded and applied to a version of this application so that it can be updated.


AString hashFunction

The hash function to use when determining this file's integrity

AString hashValue

The value of the hash function named above that should be computed if this file is not corrupt.

PRBool selected

True if this patch is currently selected as the patch to be downloaded and installed for this update transaction, false if another patch from this update has been selected.

PRUint32 size

The size of this file, in bytes.

AString state

The state of this patch

AString type

The type of this patch: "partial" A binary difference between two application versions "complete" A complete patch containing all of the replacement files to update to the new version

AString URL

The URL this patch was being downloaded from


nsIDOMElement serialize ( nsIDOMDocument updates )

nsIDOMElement serialize ( nsIDOMDocument updates )

Serializes this patch object into a DOM Element

updates: The document to serialize into


This interface is the type of the following properties:


This interface is returned from the following methods:


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