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AString buildID

The Build ID of this update. Used to determine a particular build, down to the hour, minute and second of its creation. This allows the system to differentiate between several nightly builds with the same version for example.

AString detailsURL

The URL to a page which offers details about the content of this update. Ideally, this page is not the release notes but some other page that summarizes the differences between this update and the previous, which also links to the release notes.

PRInt32 errorCode

A numeric error code that conveys additional information about the state of a failed update. If the update is not in the "failed" state, then this value is zero.

TODO: Define typical error codes (for now, see updater/errors.h)

AString extensionVersion

The Addon version of this update. Used by the Extension System to track compatibility of installed addons with this update.

PRInt64 installDate

When the update was installed.

PRBool isCompleteUpdate

Whether or not the update being downloaded is a complete replacement of the user's existing installation or a patch representing the difference between the new version and the previous version.

PRBool isSecurityUpdate

Whether or not the update is a security update or not. If this is true, then we present more serious sounding user interface messages to the user.

AString licenseURL

The URL to a HTML fragment that contains a license for this update. If this is specified, the user is shown the license file after they choose to install the update and they must agree to it before the download commences.

AString name

The name of the update, or " "

readonly PRUint32 patchCount

The number of patches supplied by this update.

readonly nsIUpdatePatch selectedPatch

The currently selected patch for this update.

AString serviceURL

The URL to the Update Service that supplied this update.

AString state

The state of the selected patch: "downloading" The update is being downloaded. "pending" The update is ready to be applied. "applying" The update is being applied. "succeeded" The update was successfully applied. "download-failed" The update failed to be downloaded. "failed" The update failed to be applied.

AString statusText

A message associated with this update, if any.

AString type

The type of update: "major" A major new version of the Application "minor" A minor update to the Application (e.g. security update)

AString version

The Application version of this update.


nsIUpdatePatch getPatchAt ( PRUint32 index ) nsIDOMElement serialize ( nsIDOMDocument updates )

nsIUpdatePatch getPatchAt ( PRUint32 index )

Retrieves a patch.

index: The index of the patch to retrieve.

nsIDOMElement serialize ( nsIDOMDocument updates )

Serializes this update object into a DOM Element

updates: The document to serialize into


This interface is the type of the following properties:


This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIApplicationUpdateService.downloadUpdate, nsIApplicationUpdateService.selectUpdate, nsIUpdateCheckListener.onCheckComplete, nsIUpdateCheckListener.onError, nsIUpdatePrompt.showUpdateAvailable, nsIUpdatePrompt.showUpdateDownloaded, nsIUpdatePrompt.showUpdateError, nsIUpdatePrompt.showUpdateInstalled

This interface is returned from the following methods:

nsIApplicationUpdateService.selectUpdate, nsIUpdateManager.getUpdateAt

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