Inherits From:nsISupports

nsIStreamIO is an abstract interface that gives access to input and output streams on an object. Perhaps the most interesting subclass of this is nsIFileIO which allows access to input and output streams to files.


readonly ACString contentCharset

Associated content charset, if any.

readonly PRInt32 contentLength

Associated content length; -1 if unknown.

readonly ACString contentType

Associated content type, if any.

readonly nsIInputStream inputStream

Gets an input stream from a stream I/O object.

readonly AUTF8String name

The 'name' of a stream I/O object. This name is often used for display purposes.

readonly nsIOutputStream outputStream

Gets an output stream from a stream I/O object.


void close ( nsresult status ) void open ( )

void close ( nsresult status )

Logically closes a stream I/O object. A status value is passed in to indicate a successful close (NS_OK) or failure.


void open ( )

Logically opens a stream I/O object. This method may block the calling thread pending i/o or other delays.

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