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This interface provides a mechanism to control an output stream that takes care not to overwrite an existing target until it is known that all writes to the destination succeeded.

An object that supports this interface is intended to also support nsIOutputStream.

For example, a file output stream that supports this interface writes to a temporary file, and moves it over the original file when finish is called only if the stream can be successfully closed and all writes succeeded. If finish is called but something went wrong during writing, it will delete the temporary file and not touch the original. If the stream is closed by calling close directly, or the stream goes away, the original file will not be overwritten, and the temporary file will be deleted.

Currently, this interface is implemented only for file output streams.

This interface is implemented by the following components:


void finish ( )

void finish ( )

Call this method to close the stream and cause the original target to be overwritten. Note: if any call to write failed to write out all of the data given to it, then calling this method will close the stream and return failure. Further, if closing the stream fails, this method will return failure. The original target will be overwritten only if all calls to write succeeded and the stream was successfully closed.

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