This interface represents a registry of SOAP services. This registry recieves transports to listen for messages and services to hand the messages to. Service registries may be created as required. Destroying a service registry stops the registry's action. To temporarily register services, create a new registry. For proper order of listening precedence, registries should be destroyed in reverse order. Otherwise, a listening priority would be required.


nsISOAPEncodingRegistry encodings

Registry identifying how to encode and decode messages containing specific types, automatically added to messages sent to services in this registry.


PRBool addConfiguration ( nsIDOMElement configuration ) void addService ( nsISOAPService service ) void addSource ( AString transport , PRBool capture )

PRBool addConfiguration ( nsIDOMElement configuration )

Process a configuration and add the resulting sources and services. This will fail if errors occur during processing of the configuration.

configuration: Root element of configuration XML.

void addService ( nsISOAPService service )

Add a service to service the registered transports. This will fail if the specified service was already added.

service: Service to be serviced.

void addSource ( AString transport , PRBool capture )

Add a transport to be serviced by the registered services. This will fail if the specified source was already added with the same setting of the capture flag.

transport: string specifying the transport to supply messages for the service.
capture: True if capturing before later declarations

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