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This interface provides access to a collection of SOAP encodings and schemas. The registry is owned by an encoding.


nsISchemaCollection schemaCollection

The schema collection used by the owning encoding and all associated encodings.


nsISOAPEncoding getAssociatedEncoding ( AString styleURI , PRBool createIf )

nsISOAPEncoding getAssociatedEncoding ( AString styleURI , PRBool createIf )

Get an associated encoding for a different encoding style. If there is no default associated encoding available for the specified encoding style, then if createIf is specified, one is created, otherwise a null is returned. Associated encodings are the set of encodings that may be used and modified together as a set.

styleURI: The style URI of the associated encoding.
createIf: If true, then create the associated encoding if it does not already exist, otherwise return the existing encoding.
The associated encoding which corresponds to the specified styleURI, or null if the spefied alternative encoding does not exist and it was not requested that it be created.


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