Inherits From:nsISupports

This permits the invoker of an asynchronous call to abort the call before it completes or to test to see whether it is complete.


readonly nsISOAPCall call

The call which was invoked (may have changed since the call was made).

readonly PRBool isComplete

Whether the call is complete.

readonly nsISOAPResponseListener listener

The listener to the call.

readonly nsISOAPResponse response

The response, if any, to the call.


PRBool abort ( )

PRBool abort ( )

Cause the invoked method to abort, if it is not already complete.

true if the state of isComplete became true as a result. False if it was already true or reamined false.


This interface is returned from the following methods:

nsISOAPCall.asyncInvoke, nsISOAPTransport.asyncCall

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