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This interface derives from nsIURI, to provide additional information about moz-icon URIs.

What *is* a moz-icon URI you ask? Well, it has the following syntax:

Moz-icon://[ ]? ['?'[]]

is a legal file: URI spec. You only need to specify a file: URI inside the icon if the file you want the icon for actually exists.

is any filename with an extension, e.g. "dummy.html". If the file you want an icon for isn't known to exist, you can omit the file URI, and just place a dummy file name with the extension or content type you want: moz-icon://dummy.html.

is of the format: stock/

is a valid icon name, such as 'ok', 'cancel', 'yes', 'no'. XXXcaa Should these considered platform dependent or can we share and document them?

Legal parameter value pairs are listed below:

Parameter: size Values: [ button toolbar toolbarsmall menu dialog] Description: If integer, this is the desired size in square pixels of the icon Else, use the OS default for the specified keyword context.

Parameter: state Values: [normal disabled] Description: The state of the icon.

Parameter: contentType Values: Description: The mime type we want an icon for. This is ignored by stock images.


ACString contentType


A valid mime type, or the empty string.

readonly ACString fileExtension


The file extension of the file which we are looking up.

nsIURI iconFile


The file URL contained within this moz-icon url, or null.

readonly ACString iconSize


The stock icon size requested from the OS.

readonly ACString iconState


The stock icon state requested from the OS.

PRUint32 imageSize


The image area in square pixels, defaulting to 16 if unspecified.

readonly ACString stockIcon


The stock icon name requested from the OS.

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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