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This interface provides a way to store, retrieve and manipulate information related to a specific LDAP server. This includes the LDAP URL, as well as certain user specific data (e.g. credentials).

The implementation of nsILDAPService relies heavily on this interface, managing all LDAP connections (nsILDAPConnection). The Service manages LDAP connections (connect and disconnect etc.), using the information available from these LDAP Server objects.

This interface is implemented by the following components:


AUTF8String binddn

The bind DN (Distinguished Name).

PRUnichar* key

Unique identifier for this server, used (typically) to identify a particular server object in a list of servers. This key can be any "string", but in our case it will most likely be the same identifier as used in a Mozilla preferences files.

AUTF8String password

The password string used to bind to this server. An empty string here implies binding as anonymous.

PRUint32 protocolVersion

Protocol version to be used (see nsILDAPConnection.idl for constants) Defaults to 3.

PRUint32 sizelimit

Maximum number of hits we want to accept from an LDAP search operation.


The URL for this server.

AUTF8String username

The user name to authenticate as. An empty string here would imply binding as anonymous.


This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:


This interface is returned from the following methods:


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