Inherits From:nsISupports

This is used to communicate with the thread generating a key pair, to be used by the dialog displaying status information.


void startKeyGeneration ( nsIObserver observer ) void userCanceled ( out PRBool threadAlreadyClosedDialog )

void startKeyGeneration ( nsIObserver observer )

StartKeyGeneration - run the thread A user interface using this interface needs to call this method as soon as the status information is displaying. This will trigger key generation. To allow the closure of the status information, the thread needs a handle to an observer.

Observer will be called on the UI thread. When the key generation is done, the observe method will be called with a topic of "keygen-finished" and null data and subject.


void userCanceled ( out PRBool threadAlreadyClosedDialog )

UserCanceled - notify the thread If the user canceled, the thread is no longer allowed to close the dialog. However, if the thread already closed it, we are not allowed to close it.



This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:


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