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PRBool inlineTableEditingEnabled

Boolean indicating if inline table editing is enabled in the editor. When inline table editing is enabled, and when the selection is contained in a table cell, special buttons allowing to add/remove a line/column are available on the cell's border.


void doInlineTableEditingAction ( nsIDOMElement UIAnonymousElement ) void hideInlineTableEditingUI ( ) void refreshInlineTableEditingUI ( ) void showInlineTableEditingUI ( nsIDOMElement cell )

void doInlineTableEditingAction ( nsIDOMElement UIAnonymousElement )

Modifies the table containing the selection according to the activation of an inline table editing UI element

UIAnonymousElement: [IN] the inline table editing UI element

void hideInlineTableEditingUI ( )

Hide all inline table editing UI

void refreshInlineTableEditingUI ( )

Refresh already visible inline table editing UI

void showInlineTableEditingUI ( nsIDOMElement cell )

Shows inline table editing UI around a table cell

cell: [IN] a DOM Element being a table cell, td or th

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