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void NeedFontPackage ( char* fontPackID )

void NeedFontPackage ( char* fontPackID )

Set the font package handler for Gecko

This interface sould be implemented by the embedding application In the other hand the nsIFontPackageProxy is internal to Gecko

fontPackID: a font package ID. The id have the following naming convenation name_space:name we currently define one name space lang - a font package for a particular language group and udnder the lang name space, we use the language code to identify the package, below are the defined packages ja - Japanese font package ("lang:ja") ko - Korean font package ("lang:ko") zh-TW - Traditional Chinese font package ("lang:zh-TW") zh-CN - Simplified Chinese font package ("lang:zh-CN") In the future, we may want to add ar - Arabic font packges ("lang:ar") he - Hebrew font packages ("lang:he") th - Thai font package ("lang:th") other name space are reserved for now. After the installation, the font package handler should call nsIFontPackageService::FontPackageHandled and pass back the fontPackID


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