Inherits From:nsISupports

A class factory allows the creation of nsISupports derived components without specifying a concrete base class.

This interface is implemented by the following components:


void createInstance ( nsISupports outer , nsIIDRef iid , retval nsQIResult* result ) void lockFactory ( PRBool lock )

void createInstance ( nsISupports outer , nsIIDRef iid , retval nsQIResult* result )

Creates an instance of a component.

outer: Pointer to a component that wishes to be aggregated in the resulting instance. This will be nsnull if no aggregation is requested.
iid: The IID of the interface being requested in the component which is being currently created.
result: [out] Pointer to the newly created instance, if successful.
NS_OK - Component successfully created and the interface being requested was successfully returned in result. NS_NOINTERFACE - Interface not accessible. NS_ERROR_NO_AGGREGATION - if an 'outer' object is supplied, but the component is not aggregatable. NS_ERROR* - Method failure.

void lockFactory ( PRBool lock )

LockFactory provides the client a way to keep the component in memory until it is finished with it. The client can call LockFactory(PR_TRUE) to lock the factory and LockFactory(PR_FALSE) to release the factory.

lock: - Must be PR_TRUE or PR_FALSE
NS_OK - If the lock operation was successful. NS_ERROR* - Method failure.


This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIComponentManagerObsolete.registerFactory, nsIComponentManagerObsolete.unregisterFactory, nsIComponentRegistrar.registerFactory, nsIComponentRegistrar.unregisterFactory

This interface is returned from the following methods:

nsIComponentLoader.getFactory, nsIComponentManagerObsolete.findFactory

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