Inherits From:nsISupports

This interface is implemented by the following components:


readonly PRUint32 columnNumber

readonly nsISupports data

readonly char* filename

readonly nsIException inner

readonly PRUint32 lineNumber

readonly nsIStackFrame location

readonly char* message

readonly char* name

readonly nsresult result


char* toString ( )

char* toString ( )


This interface is the type of the following properties:

nsIException.inner, nsIWebServiceCallContext.pendingException, nsIXPConnect.PendingException

This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIExceptionManager.getExceptionFromProvider, nsIExceptionManager.setCurrentException, nsIExceptionProvider.getException, nsIWebServiceCallContext.abort, nsIWebServiceProxyCreationListener.onError, nsIXPCException.initialize

This interface is returned from the following methods:

nsIExceptionManager.getCurrentException, nsIExceptionManager.getExceptionFromProvider, nsIExceptionProvider.getException

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