Inherits From:nsISupports

This interface is used to dispatch events to a particular thread. In many cases the event target also supports nsIEventQueue.

This interface is implemented by the following components:


PRBool isOnCurrentThread ( ) [noscript] void postEvent ( PLEventPtr* event )

PRBool isOnCurrentThread ( )

This method returns true if the event target is the current thread.

void postEvent ( PLEventPtr* event )

Method for posting an asynchronous event to the event target. If this method succeeds, then the event will be dispatched on the target thread.

event: The event to dispatched.


This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIAsyncInputStream.asyncWait, nsIAsyncOutputStream.asyncWait, nsIAsyncStreamCopier.init, nsIDNSService.asyncResolve, nsITransport.setEventSink

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