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void handleEvent ( nsPluginEventPtr* event , out PRBool handled )

void handleEvent ( nsPluginEventPtr* event , out PRBool handled )

Handles an event. An nsIEventHandler can also get registered with with nsIPluginManager2::RegisterWindow and will be called whenever an event comes in for that window.

Note that for Unix and Mac the nsPluginEvent structure is different from the old NPEvent structure -- it's no longer the native event record, but is instead a struct. This was done for future extensibility, and so that the Mac could receive the window argument too. For Windows and OS2, it's always been a struct, so there's no change for them.

(Corresponds to NPP_HandleEvent.)

event: - the event to be handled
handled: - set to PR_TRUE if event was handled


This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIPluginManager2.allocateMenuID, nsIPluginManager2.deallocateMenuID, nsIPluginManager2.hasAllocatedMenuID, nsIPluginManager2.registerWindow, nsIPluginManager2.unregisterWindow

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