Inherits From:nsISupports


nsISupports currentItem ( ) void first ( ) void isDone ( ) void next ( )

nsISupports currentItem ( )

CurrentItem will return the CurrentItem item it will fail if the list is empty

void first ( )

First will reset the list. will return NS_FAILED if no items

void isDone ( )

Return if the collection is at the end. that is the beginning following a call to Prev and it is the end of the list following a call to next

void next ( )

Next will advance the list. will return failed if already at end


This interface is the type of the following properties:


This interface is returned from the following methods:

nsIAddrDatabase.enumerateCards, nsIAddrDatabase.enumerateListAddresses, nsICollection.Enumerate, nsIComponentManagerObsolete.enumerateCLSIDs, nsIComponentManagerObsolete.enumerateContractIDs, nsIInterfaceInfoManager.enumerateInterfaces, nsIInterfaceInfoManager.enumerateInterfacesWhoseNamesStartWith, nsIMsgFolder.GetSubFolders, nsIPK11TokenDB.listTokens, nsIPKCS11Module.listSlots, nsIPKCS11ModuleDB.listModules, nsIRegistry.enumerateAllSubtrees, nsIRegistry.enumerateSubtrees, nsIRegistry.enumerateValues, nsISelectionPrivate.getEnumerator

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