Inherits From:nsISupports

A channel interface which allows special handling of encoded content


PRBool applyConversion

This attribute controls whether or not content conversion should be done per the Content-Encoding response header. applyConversion can only be set before or during OnStartRequest. Calling this during OnDataAvailable is an error.

TRUE by default.

readonly nsIUTF8StringEnumerator contentEncodings

This attribute holds the MIME types corresponding to the content encodings on the channel. The enumerator returns nsISupportsCString objects. The first one corresponds to the outermost encoding on the channel and then we work our way inward. "identity" is skipped and not represented on the list. Unknown encodings make the enumeration stop. If you want the actual Content-Encoding value, use getResponseHeader("Content-Encoding").

When there is no Content-Encoding header, this property is null.

Modifying the Content-Encoding header on the channel will cause this enumerator to have undefined behavior. Don't do it.

Also note that contentEncodings only exist during or after OnStartRequest. Calling contentEncodings before OnStartRequest is an error.

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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