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PRBool canDrop

Set the current state of the drag whether it can be dropped or not. usually the target "frame" sets this so the native system can render the correct feedback

PRUint32 dragAction

Sets the action (copy, move, link, et.c) for the current drag

readonly PRUint32 numDropItems

Get the number items that were dropped

readonly nsIDOMDocument sourceDocument

The document where the drag was started, which will be null if the drag originated outside the application. Useful for determining if a drop originated in the same document.

readonly nsIDOMNode sourceNode

The dom node that was originally dragged to start the session, which will be null if the drag originated outside the application.

nsSize targetSize

Sets the current width and height if the drag target area. It will contain the current size of the Frame that the drag is currently in


void getData ( nsITransferable transferable , PRUint32 itemIndex ) PRBool isDataFlavorSupported ( char* dataFlavor )

void getData ( nsITransferable transferable , PRUint32 itemIndex )

Get data from a Drag&Drop.; Can be called while the drag is in process or after the drop has completed.

transferable: the transferable for the data to be put into
itemIndex: which of multiple drag items, zero-based

PRBool isDataFlavorSupported ( char* dataFlavor )

Check to set if ant of the native data on the clipboard matches this data flavor



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