Inherits From:nsISupports


PRInt32 loadNormal = 0
PRInt32 loadNormalReplace = 1
PRInt32 loadHistory = 2
PRInt32 loadReloadNormal = 3
PRInt32 loadReloadBypassCache = 4
PRInt32 loadReloadBypassProxy = 5
PRInt32 loadReloadBypassProxyAndCache = 6
PRInt32 loadLink = 7
PRInt32 loadRefresh = 8
PRInt32 loadReloadCharsetChange = 9
PRInt32 loadBypassHistory = 10


nsIInputStream headersStream

PRBool inheritOwner

If this attribute is true and no owner is specified, copy the owner from the referring document.

nsDocShellInfoLoadType loadType

nsISupports owner

The owner of the load, that is, the entity responsible for causing the load to occur. This should be a nsIPrincipal typically.

nsIInputStream postDataStream

nsIURI referrer

nsISHEntry SHEntry

PRUnichar* target


This interface is passed as an argument to the following methods:

nsIDocShell.createLoadInfo, nsIDocShell.loadStream, nsIDocShell.loadURI

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