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The nsIDocCharset interface allows the user to view, hint, and set which converter is used to read the document's data.

Inside Mozilla all text is encoded as Unicode. By standardizing on Unicode every piece of code that handles characters no longer needs to:

Have access to a character encoding parameter. Ask is the data stateful? Ask is the data single byte? Ask is the data multi-byte? If multi-byte: have access to a routine that can determine how many bytes in the current character.

When the document is read in a converter is used to convert the document's data to Unicode.

NsIDocCharset provides the ability to:

See what converter was used when inputting the documents data.

Override the character set for documents where the specified fallback, or auto-detected character set is incorrect

This interface is implemented by the following components:


char* charset

Get/sets the encoding (converter) used to read the document. Get returns the encoding used. Set forces (overrides) the encoding. After forcing the charset the embedding application will need to cause the data to be reparsed in order to update the DOM / display.

A force also sets the fallback encoding for this frame.

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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