Inherits From:nsISupports

nsIDOMWindowUtils is intended for giving privileged script access to additional properties and methods of nsIDOMWindow unavailable to content script. Access this interface by calling getInterface on a DOMWindow.


PRUint16 imageAnimationMode

Image animation mode of the window. When this attribute's value is changed, the implementation should set all images in the window to the given value. That is, when set to kDontAnimMode, all images will stop animating. The attribute's value must be one of the animationMode values from imgIContainer.


AString getDocumentMetadata ( AString name )

AString getDocumentMetadata ( AString name )

Function to get metadata associated with the window's current document

name: the name of the metadata. This should be all lowercase.
the value of the metadata, or the empty string if it's not set

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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