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P3P status of cookie. Values are

STATUS_UNKNOWN -- cookie collected in a previous session and this info no longer available STATUS_ACCEPTED -- cookie was accepted as it STATUS_DOWNGRADED -- cookie was accepted but downgraded to a session cookie STATUS_FLAGGED -- cookie was accepted with a warning being issued to the user STATUS_REJECTED -- cookie was not accepted

nsCookieStatus STATUS_UNKNOWN = 0
nsCookieStatus STATUS_ACCEPTED = 1
nsCookieStatus STATUS_DOWNGRADED = 2
nsCookieStatus STATUS_FLAGGED = 3
nsCookieStatus STATUS_REJECTED = 4
Site's compact policy. Values are

POLICY_UNKNOWN -- cookie collected in a previous session and this info no longer available POLICY_NONE -- site did not send a compact policy along with the cookie POLICY_NO_CONSENT -- site collects identfiable information without user involvement POLICY_IMPLICIT_CONSENT -- site collects identifiable information unless user opts out POLICY_EXPLICIT_CONSENT -- site does not collect identifiable information unless user opts in POLICY_NO_II -- site does not collect identifiable information

nsCookiePolicy POLICY_UNKNOWN = 0
nsCookiePolicy POLICY_NONE = 1
nsCookiePolicy POLICY_NO_CONSENT = 2
nsCookiePolicy POLICY_NO_II = 5


readonly PRUint64 expires

Expiration time (local timezone) expressed as number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970

readonly AUTF8String host

The host (possibly fully qualified) of the cookie

readonly PRBool isDomain

True if the cookie is a domain cookie, false otherwise

readonly PRBool isSecure

True if the cookie was transmitted over ssl, false otherwise

readonly ACString name

The name of the cookie

readonly AUTF8String path

The path pertaining to the cookie

readonly nsCookiePolicy policy

readonly nsCookieStatus status

readonly ACString value

The cookie value


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