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Status:UNDER_REVIEW This interface is intended to be frozen, but it isn't frozen yet. Be careful!

Handles arguments on the command line of an XUL application.

Each handler is registered in the category "command-line-handler". The entries in this category are read in alphabetical order, and each category value is treated as a service contractid implementing this interface.

By convention, handler with ordinary priority should begin with "m".

Example: Category Entry Value command-line-handler b-jsdebug @mozilla.org/venkman/clh;1 command-line-handler c-extensions @mozilla.org/extension-manager/clh;1 command-line-hanlder m-edit @mozilla.org/composer/clh;1 command-line-handler m-irc @mozilla.org/chatzilla/clh;1 command-line-handler y-final @mozilla.org/browser/clh-final;1

This interface is implemented by the following components:


readonly AUTF8String helpInfo

When the app is launched with the -help argument, this attribute is retrieved and displayed to the user (on stdout). The text should have embedded newlines which wrap at 76 columns, and should include a newline at the end. By convention, the right column which contains flag descriptions begins at the 24th character.


void handle ( nsICommandLine commandLine )

void handle ( nsICommandLine commandLine )

Process a command line. If this handler finds arguments that it understands, it should perform the appropriate actions (such as opening a window), and remove the arguments from the command-line array.


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