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nsICacheSession createSession ( char* clientID , nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy , PRBool streamBased ) void evictEntries ( nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy ) void init ( ) void shutdown ( ) void visitEntries ( nsICacheVisitor visitor )

nsICacheSession createSession ( char* clientID , nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy , PRBool streamBased )

Create a cache session

A cache session represents a client's access into the cache. The cache session is not "owned" by the cache service. Hence, it is possible to create duplicate cache sessions. Entries created by a cache session are invisible to other cache sessions, unless the cache sessions are equivalent.

clientID: - Specifies the name of the client using the cache.
storagePolicy: - Limits the storage policy for all entries accessed via the returned session. As a result, devices excluded by the storage policy will not be searched when opening entries from the returned session.
streamBased: - Indicates whether or not the data being cached can be represented as a stream. The storagePolicy must be consistent with the value of this field. For example, a non-stream- based cache entry can only have a storage policy of STORE_IN_MEMORY.
new cache session.

void evictEntries ( nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy )

Evicts all entries in all devices implied by the storage policy.


void init ( )

Initialize the cache service.

void shutdown ( )

Shutdown the cache service.

void visitEntries ( nsICacheVisitor visitor )

Visit entries stored in the cache. Used to implement about:cache.


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June 5, 2005, 7:39 am trev at gtchat dot de
The methods init() and shutdown() have been removed from the interface in Gecko 1.8.

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