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This interface is implemented by the following components:


Attempt to quit if all windows are closed.
PRUint32 eConsiderQuit = 1
Try to close all windows, then quit if successful.
PRUint32 eAttemptQuit = 2
Quit, damnit!
PRUint32 eForceQuit = 3
Restart the application after quitting. The application will be restarted with the same profile and an empty command line.
PRUint32 eRestart = 16


void createHiddenWindow ( ) void enterLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea ( ) void exitLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea ( ) void quit ( PRUint32 mode ) void run ( )

void createHiddenWindow ( )

Create the hidden window.

void enterLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea ( )

During application startup (and at other times!) we may temporarily encounter a situation where all application windows will be closed but we don't want to take this as a signal to quit the app. Bracket the code where the last window could close with these. (And at application startup, on platforms that don't normally quit when the last window has closed, call Enter once, but not Exit)

void exitLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea ( )

void quit ( PRUint32 mode )

Exit the event loop, and shut down the app.

mode: This parameter modifies how the app is shutdown, and it is constructed from the constants defined above.

void run ( )

Runs an application event loop: normally the main event pump which defines the lifetime of the application.

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