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An interface for in-process accessibility clients that wish to retrieve information about a document. When accessibility is turned on in Gecko, there is an nsIAccessibleDocument for each document whether it is XUL, HTML or whatever. You can QueryInterface to nsIAccessibleDocument from the nsIAccessible or nsIAccessNode for the root node of a document. You can also get one from nsIAccessNode::GetAccessibleDocument() or nsIAccessibleEvent::GetAccessibleDocument()


readonly nsIAccessible caretAccessible

readonly AString docType

The doc type of the document, as specified in the document.

readonly nsIDOMDocument document

The nsIDOMDocument interface associated with this document.

readonly PRBool isEditable

True if the document is live in an editor. False if the document is being displayed but not edited. If a

is contentEditable, then it has its own document, with isEditable == true.

readonly AString mimeType

The mime type of the document

readonly AString title

The title of the document, as specified in the document.

readonly AString URL

The URL of the document

readonly nsIDOMWindow window

The nsIDOMWindow that the document resides in.

readonly voidPtr* windowHandle

The window handle for the OS window the document is being displayed in. For example, in Windows you can static cast it to an HWND.


nsIAccessible getAccessibleInParentChain ( nsIDOMNode DOMNode ) [noscript] nsIAccessNode getCachedAccessNode ( voidPtr* uniqueID ) AString getNameSpaceURIForID ( PRInt16 nameSpaceID )

nsIAccessible getAccessibleInParentChain ( nsIDOMNode DOMNode )

Returns the first accessible parent of a DOM node. Guaranteed not to return nsnull if the DOM node is in a document.

DOMNode: The DOM node we need an accessible for.
nsIAccessible found by crawling up the DOM node to the document root.

nsIAccessNode getCachedAccessNode ( voidPtr* uniqueID )

Returns the access node cached by this document

uniqueID: The unique ID used to cache the node. This matches up with the uniqueID attribute on nsIAccessNode.
nsIAccessNode cached for this particular unique ID.

AString getNameSpaceURIForID ( PRInt16 nameSpaceID )

The namespace for each ID that is handed back.



This interface is the type of the following properties:

nsIAccessNode.accessibleDocument, nsIAccessibleEvent.accessibleDocument

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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