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This represents a sequence of ASN.1 objects, where ASN.1 is "Abstract Syntax Notation number One".

Overview of how this ASN1 interface is intended to work.

First off, the nsIASN1Sequence is any type in ASN1 that consists of sub-elements (ie SEQUENCE, SET) nsIASN1Printable Items are all the other types that can be viewed by themselves without interpreting further. Examples would include INTEGER, UTF-8 STRING, OID. These are not intended to directly reflect the numberous types that exist in ASN1, but merely an interface to ease producing a tree display the ASN1 structure of any DER object.

The additional state information carried in this interface makes it fit for being used as the data structure when working with visual reprenstation of ASN.1 objects in a human user interface, like in a tree widget where open/close state of nodes must be remembered.


nsIMutableArray ASN1Objects

The array of objects stored in the sequence.

PRBool isExpanded

Whether the contained objects should be shown or hidden. A UI implementation can use this flag to store the current expansion state when shown in a tree widget.

PRBool isValidContainer

Whether the node at this position in the ASN.1 data structure sequence contains sub elements understood by the application.

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