This component implements the following interfaces:


readonly nsIUpdateChecker nsIApplicationUpdateService.backgroundChecker

The Update Checker used for background update checking.

readonly PRBool nsIApplicationUpdateService.canUpdate

Whether or not the Update Service can download and install updates. This is a function of whether or not the current user has access privileges to the install directory.

readonly PRBool nsIApplicationUpdateService.isDownloading

Whether or not there is an download happening at the moment.


nsIApplicationUpdateService void addDownloadListener ( nsIRequestObserver listener )
nsIApplicationUpdateService AString downloadUpdate ( nsIUpdate update , PRBool background )
nsITimerCallback void notify ( nsITimer timer )
nsIObserver void observe ( nsISupports subject , char* topic , PRUnichar* data )
nsIApplicationUpdateService void pauseDownload ( )
nsIApplicationUpdateService void removeDownloadListener ( nsIRequestObserver listener )
nsIApplicationUpdateService nsIUpdate selectUpdate ( nsIUpdate updates , PRUint32 updateCount )

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