This component implements the following interfaces:


PRInt32 nsITransactionManager.maxTransactionCount

Sets the maximum number of transaction items the transaction manager will maintain at any time. This is commonly referred to as the number of levels of undo.

readonly PRInt32 nsITransactionManager.numberOfRedoItems

The number of items on the redo stack.

readonly PRInt32 nsITransactionManager.numberOfUndoItems

The number of items on the undo stack.


nsITransactionManager void AddListener ( nsITransactionListener listener )
nsITransactionManager void beginBatch ( )
nsITransactionManager void clear ( )
nsITransactionManager void doTransaction ( nsITransaction transaction )
nsITransactionManager void endBatch ( )
nsITransactionManager nsITransactionList getRedoList ( )
nsITransactionManager nsITransactionList getUndoList ( )
nsISupportsWeakReference nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ( )
nsITransactionManager nsITransaction peekRedoStack ( )
nsITransactionManager nsITransaction peekUndoStack ( )
nsITransactionManager void redoTransaction ( )
nsITransactionManager void RemoveListener ( nsITransactionListener listener )
nsITransactionManager void undoTransaction ( )

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