This component implements the following interfaces:


PRUint32 nsICommandLine.STATE_INITIAL_LAUNCH = 0
PRUint32 nsICommandLine.STATE_REMOTE_AUTO = 1


readonly PRInt32 nsICommandLine.length

Number of arguments in the command line. The application name is not part of the command line.

PRBool nsICommandLine.preventDefault

There may be a command-line handler which performs a default action if there was no explicit action on the command line (open a default browser window, for example). This flag allows the default action to be prevented.

readonly PRUint32 nsICommandLine.state

The type of command line being processed.

STATE_INITIAL_LAUNCH is the first launch of the application instance. STATE_REMOTE_AUTO is a remote command line automatically redirected to this instance. STATE_REMOTE_EXPLICIT is a remote command line explicitly redirected to this instance using xremote/windde/appleevents.

readonly nsIDOMWindow nsICommandLine.windowContext

A window to be targeted by this command line. In most cases, this will be null (xremote will sometimes set this attribute).

readonly nsIFile nsICommandLine.workingDirectory

The working directory for this command line. Use this property instead of the working directory for the current process, since a redirected command line may have had a different working directory.


nsICommandLine PRInt32 findFlag ( AString flag , PRBool caseSensitive )
nsICommandLine AString getArgument ( PRInt32 index )
nsICommandLine PRBool handleFlag ( AString flag , PRBool caseSensitive )
nsICommandLine AString handleFlagWithParam ( AString flag , PRBool caseSensitive )
nsICommandLine void removeArguments ( PRInt32 start , PRInt32 end )
nsICommandLine nsIFile resolveFile ( AString argument )
nsICommandLine nsIURI resolveURI ( AString argument )

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