This component implements the following interfaces:


PRUint32 nsIStorageStream.length

The length attribute indicates the total number of bytes stored in the nsIStorageStream internal buffer, regardless of any consumption by input streams. Assigning to the length field can be used to truncate the buffer data, but can not be used when either the instance's output stream is in use.

readonly PRBool nsIStorageStream.writeInProgress

True, when output stream has not yet been Close'ed


nsIOutputStream void close ( )
nsIOutputStream void flush ( )
nsIStorageStream nsIOutputStream getOutputStream ( PRInt32 startPosition )
nsIStorageStream void init ( PRUint32 segmentSize , PRUint32 maxSize , nsIMemory segmentAllocator )
nsIOutputStream PRBool isNonBlocking ( )
nsIStorageStream nsIInputStream newInputStream ( PRInt32 startPosition )
nsIOutputStream PRUint32 write ( char* buf , PRUint32 count )
nsIOutputStream PRUint32 writeFrom ( nsIInputStream fromStream , PRUint32 count )
nsIOutputStream [noscript] PRUint32 writeSegments ( nsReadSegmentFun reader , voidPtr* closure , PRUint32 count )

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