This component implements the following interfaces:


readonly PRUnichar* mozISpellCheckingEngine.copyright

A string indicating the copyright of the engine

PRUnichar* mozISpellCheckingEngine.dictionary

The name of the current dictionary

readonly PRUnichar* mozISpellCheckingEngine.language

The language this spellchecker is using when checking

readonly PRUnichar* mozISpellCheckingEngine.name

The name of the engine

mozIPersonalDictionary* mozISpellCheckingEngine.personalDictionary

The personal dictionary

readonly PRBool mozISpellCheckingEngine.providesPersonalDictionary

Does the engine provide its own personal dictionary?

readonly PRBool mozISpellCheckingEngine.providesWordUtils

Does the engine provide its own word utils?


mozISpellCheckingEngine PRBool check ( PRUnichar* word )
mozISpellCheckingEngine void getDictionaryList ( out arrayof PRUnichar* dictionaries , out PRUint32 count )
mozISpellCheckingEngine void suggest ( PRUnichar* word , out arrayof PRUnichar* suggestions , out PRUint32 count )

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