This component implements the following interfaces:


PRUint32 nsIScriptError.errorFlag = 0
PRUint32 nsIScriptError.warningFlag = 1
PRUint32 nsIScriptError.exceptionFlag = 2
PRUint32 nsIScriptError.strictFlag = 4


readonly char* nsIScriptError.category

Categories I know about - XUL javascript content javascript (both of these from nsDocShell, currently) component javascript (errors in JS components)

readonly PRUint32 nsIScriptError.columnNumber

readonly PRUint32 nsIScriptError.flags

readonly PRUint32 nsIScriptError.lineNumber

readonly PRUnichar* nsIConsoleMessage.message

readonly PRUnichar* nsIScriptError.sourceLine

readonly PRUnichar* nsIScriptError.sourceName


nsIScriptError void init ( PRUnichar* message , PRUnichar* sourceName , PRUnichar* sourceLine , PRUint32 lineNumber , PRUint32 columnNumber , PRUint32 flags , char* category )
nsIScriptError char* toString ( )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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