This component implements the following interfaces:


char* nsIMsgNewsFolder.groupPassword

char* nsIMsgNewsFolder.groupUsername

readonly char* nsIMsgNewsFolder.newsrcLine

readonly nsINntpIncomingServer nsIMsgNewsFolder.nntpServer

readonly char* nsIMsgNewsFolder.optionLines

readonly ACString nsIMsgNewsFolder.rawName

RawName is an 8-bit string to represent the name of a newsgroup used by a news server. It's offered for the convenience of callers so that they don't have to convert unicodeName to the server-side name when communicating with a news server. It's US-ASCII except for some 'stand-alone' Chinese news servers that use GB2312 for newsgroup names violating RFC 1036. For those servers, it's GB2312. However, it can be any other single and multibyte encoding in principle. The encoding of this string is stored in nsINntpIncomingServer because that's a server-wide property.

PRBool nsIMsgNewsFolder.saveArticleOffline

readonly AString nsIMsgNewsFolder.unicodeName

readonly char* nsIMsgNewsFolder.unsubscribedNewsgroupLines

readonly char* nsIRDFResource.Value

The single-byte string value of the resource.

readonly AUTF8String nsIRDFResource.ValueUTF8

The UTF-8 URI of the resource.


nsIMsgNewsFolder nsIMsgFolder addNewsgroup ( AUTF8String newsgroupName , char* setStr )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void cancelComplete ( )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void cancelFailed ( )
nsIRDFNode PRBool EqualsNode ( nsIRDFNode node )
nsIRDFResource PRBool EqualsString ( char* URI )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void forgetGroupPassword ( )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void forgetGroupUsername ( )
nsIRDFResource void GetDelegate ( char* key , nsIIDRef IID , out nsQIResult* result )
nsIMsgNewsFolder char* getGroupPasswordWithUI ( PRUnichar* promptString , PRUnichar* promptTitle , nsIMsgWindow msgWindow )
nsIMsgNewsFolder char* getGroupUsernameWithUI ( PRUnichar* promptString , PRUnichar* promptTitle , nsIMsgWindow msgWindow )
nsIMsgNewsFolder char* getMessageIdForKey ( nsMsgKey key )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void getNextNMessages ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow )
nsIRDFResource [noscript] void GetValueConst ( out char* constValue )
nsISupportsWeakReference nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ( )
nsIRDFResource void Init ( char* uri )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void notifyDownloadedLine ( char* line , nsMsgKey key )
nsIUrlListener void OnStartRunningUrl ( nsIURI url )
nsIUrlListener void OnStopRunningUrl ( nsIURI url , nsresult exitCode )
nsISerializable void read ( nsIObjectInputStream inputStream )
nsIRDFResource void ReleaseDelegate ( char* key )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void removeMessage ( nsMsgKey key )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void SetNewsrcHasChanged ( PRBool newsrcHasChanged )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void setReadSetFromStr ( char* setStr )
nsIMsgNewsFolder void updateSummaryFromNNTPInfo ( PRInt32 oldest , PRInt32 youngest , PRInt32 total )
nsISerializable void write ( nsIObjectOutputStream outputStream )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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