This component implements the following interfaces:


Profile items to migrate. use with migrate().
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.ALL = 0
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.SETTINGS = 1
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.COOKIES = 2
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.HISTORY = 4
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.FORMDATA = 8
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.PASSWORDS = 16
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.BOOKMARKS = 32
PRUint16 nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.OTHERDATA = 64


readonly PRBool nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.sourceExists

Whether or not there is any data that can be imported from this browser (i.e. whether or not it is installed, and there exists a user profile)

readonly PRBool nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.sourceHasMultipleProfiles

Whether or not the import source implementing this interface has multiple user profiles configured.

readonly AUTF8String nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.sourceHomePageURL

The import source homepage. Returns null if not present/available

readonly nsISupportsArray nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.sourceProfiles

An enumeration of available profiles. If the import source does not support profiles, this attribute is null.


nsIBrowserProfileMigrator PRUint16 getMigrateData ( PRUnichar* profile , PRBool doingStartup )
nsIBrowserProfileMigrator void migrate ( PRUint16 items , nsIProfileStartup startup , PRUnichar* profile )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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