This component implements the following interfaces:


readonly nsISimpleEnumerator nsIPasswordManager.enumerator

Called to enumerate through each login in the password-manager list The objects enumerated over are of type nsIPassword

readonly nsISimpleEnumerator nsIPasswordManager.rejectEnumerator

Called to enumerate through each rejected site in the password-manager list These are sites for which the user has indicated that he doesn't want passwords saved. The objects enumerated over are of type nsIPassword, although the only member of that object that is relevent is the host (the user and password members are ignored).


nsIPasswordManager void addReject ( AUTF8String host )
nsIPasswordManager void addUser ( AUTF8String host , AString user , AString password )
nsIPasswordManagerInternal void addUserFull ( AUTF8String key , AString user , AString password , AString userFieldName , AString passFieldName )
nsIPasswordManagerInternal void findPasswordEntry ( AUTF8String hostURI , AString username , AString password , out AUTF8String hostURIFound , out AString usernameFound , out AString passwordFound )
nsISupportsWeakReference nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ( )
nsIPasswordManagerInternal void readPasswords ( nsIFile passwordFile )
nsIPasswordManager void removeReject ( AUTF8String host )
nsIPasswordManager void removeUser ( AUTF8String host , AString user )

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