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This flag may be passed to the resolve method to request that it fail instead of block the calling thread. Proxy Auto Config (PAC) may perform a synchronous DNS query, which may not return immediately. So, calling resolve without this flag may result in locking up the calling thread for a lengthy period of time.

By passing this flag to resolve, one can failover to asyncResolve to avoid locking up the calling thread if a PAC query is required.

When this flag is passed to resolve, resolve may throw the exception NS_BASE_STREAM_WOULD_BLOCK to indicate that it failed due to this flag being present.

PRUint32 nsIProtocolProxyService.RESOLVE_NON_BLOCKING = 1


nsIProtocolProxyService nsICancelable asyncResolve ( nsIURI URI , PRUint32 flags , nsIProtocolProxyCallback callback )
nsIProtocolProxyService nsIProxyInfo getFailoverForProxy ( nsIProxyInfo proxyInfo , nsIURI URI , nsresult reason )
nsIProtocolProxyService nsIProxyInfo newProxyInfo ( ACString type , AUTF8String host , PRInt32 port , PRUint32 flags , PRUint32 failoverTimeout , nsIProxyInfo failoverProxy )
nsIProtocolProxyService void registerFilter ( nsIProtocolProxyFilter filter , PRUint32 position )
nsIProtocolProxyService nsIProxyInfo resolve ( nsIURI URI , PRUint32 flags )
nsIProtocolProxyService void unregisterFilter ( nsIProtocolProxyFilter filter )

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