This component implements the following interfaces:


PRInt32 nsISeekableStream.NS_SEEK_SET = 0
PRInt32 nsISeekableStream.NS_SEEK_CUR = 1
PRInt32 nsISeekableStream.NS_SEEK_END = 2


PRBool nsIMIMEInputStream.addContentLength

When true a "Content-Length" header is automatically added to the stream. The value of the content-length is automatically calculated using the available() method on the data stream. The value is recalculated every time the stream is rewinded to the start. Not allowed to be changed once the stream has been started to be read.


nsIMIMEInputStream void addHeader ( char* name , char* value )
nsIInputStream PRUint32 available ( )
nsIInputStream void close ( )
nsIInputStream PRBool isNonBlocking ( )
nsIInputStream [noscript] PRUint32 read ( charPtr* buf , PRUint32 count )
nsIInputStream [noscript] PRUint32 readSegments ( nsWriteSegmentFun writer , voidPtr* closure , PRUint32 count )
nsISeekableStream void seek ( PRInt32 whence , PRInt64 offset )
nsIMIMEInputStream void setData ( nsIInputStream stream )
nsISeekableStream void setEOF ( )
nsISeekableStream PRInt64 tell ( )

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