This component implements the following interfaces:


Search just the base object
Search only the children of the base object
Search the entire subtree under and including the base object
If this is set/true, this is an ldaps: URL, not an ldap: URL


readonly ACString nsIURI.asciiHost

The URI host with an ASCII compatible encoding. Follows the IDNA draft spec for converting internationalized domain names (UTF-8) to ASCII for compatibility with existing internet infrasture.

readonly ACString nsIURI.asciiSpec

The URI spec with an ASCII compatible encoding. Host portion follows the IDNA draft spec. Other parts are URL-escaped per the rules of RFC2396. The result is strictly ASCII.


The distinguished name of the URL (ie the base DN for the search). This string is expected to be a valid UTF8 string.

For the getter:

AUTF8String nsILDAPURL.filter

The search filter. "(objectClass=*)" is the default.

AUTF8String nsIURI.host

The host is the internet domain name to which this URI refers. It could be an IPv4 (or IPv6) address literal. If supported, it could be a non-ASCII internationalized domain name.

Characters are NOT escaped.

AUTF8String nsIURI.hostPort

The host:port (or simply the host, if port == -1).

Characters are NOT escaped.

PRUint32 nsILDAPURL.options

Any options defined for this URL (check options using a bitwise and)

readonly ACString nsIURI.originCharset

The charset of the document from which this URI originated. An empty value implies UTF-8.

If this value is something other than UTF-8 then the URI components (e.g., spec, prePath, username, etc.) will all be fully URL-escaped. Otherwise, the URI components may contain unescaped multibyte UTF-8 characters.

AUTF8String nsIURI.password

AUTF8String nsIURI.path

The path, typically including at least a leading '/' (but may also be empty, depending on the protocol).

Some characters may be escaped.

PRInt32 nsIURI.port

A port value of -1 corresponds to the protocol's default port (eg. -1 implies port 80 for http URIs).

readonly AUTF8String nsIURI.prePath

The prePath (eg. scheme://user:password@host:port) returns the string before the path. This is useful for authentication or managing sessions.

Some characters may be escaped.

ACString nsIURI.scheme

The Scheme is the protocol to which this URI refers. The scheme is restricted to the US-ASCII charset per RFC2396.

PRInt32 nsILDAPURL.scope

The scope of the search. defaults to SCOPE_BASE.

AUTF8String nsIURI.spec

Returns a string representation of the URI. Setting the spec causes the new spec to be parsed, initializing the URI.

Some characters may be escaped.

AUTF8String nsIURI.username

The optional username and password, assuming the preHost consists of username:password.

Some characters may be escaped.

AUTF8String nsIURI.userPass

The username:password (or username only if value doesn't contain a ':')

Some characters may be escaped.


nsILDAPURL void addAttribute ( char* attribute )
nsIURI nsIURI clone ( )
nsIURI PRBool equals ( nsIURI other )
nsILDAPURL void getAttributes ( out PRUint32 count , retval arrayof char* attrs )
nsILDAPURL PRBool hasAttribute ( char* attribute )
nsILDAPURL void removeAttribute ( char* attribute )
nsIURI AUTF8String resolve ( AUTF8String relativePath )
nsIURI PRBool schemeIs ( char* scheme )
nsILDAPURL void setAttributes ( PRUint32 count , arrayof char* attrs )

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